Gratitude, Appreciation, & Celebration - three of my favorite words


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Gratitude looks back on things that have come before.

Appreciation looks at what is currently present.

Celebration opens the door for more to appear.

I want to share my latest method of celebration with you — so you can use it too. This idea came about in November when my friend Judy asked me what new and exciting things had happened in the two weeks since I had last seen her. I was stopped cold.

Had anything new and exciting happened?

It took me at least ten minutes to come up with something, and another ten minutes to come up with another something — and they were both big “somethings”. How could I have ever forgotten them?

Shocked at how far from my memory my good times were, we brainstormed ideas to celebrate them. Clearly I needed a way to keep the good times in the forefront of my mind.

You are going to love this idea. It is so easy, playful, inexpensive, and FUN! If having a glass of wine every time something good happens to you seems a bit excessive, try this instead:

Tape a piece of curling ribbon to the top of your journal, or to the edge of your calendar, to commemorate and celebrate the good as it comes into your life.

Today my journal has five different colored, curled ribbons hanging out of the top. Just looking at it every morning makes me smile. NOW I am regularly remembering all the good things happening in my life. How wonderful is that!

It is so easy for us to fall in-step with the gloom and doom pervasive in the media these days that we often forget the good times we are actually having. We don’t have to do that.

When we remember to LOOK for the good that surrounds us, when we remember to CELEBRATE the good that surrounds us, we open ourselves up to allow even more goodness in our lives. Celebrate Now! What have you got to lose?

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