Finding Your Promises and Secrets Within


This month's featured painting, Promises & Secrets Within, was titled by good friends and the people who watched me paint her in public.

This mystery woman peers out at the world from within us, quiet and confident in her wisdom. She is delighted with the many promises and secrets she holds for us. They are all there for us to find - if we will look with our hearts instead of our eyes.

Who knows what really lies within the inner landscape of our existence? Can we navigate through to find out? Our future stretches out before us. We're on the verge of learning something new, of becoming more fully present in our own lives.

These times in which we live can be exciting or frightening. The choices we make regarding our perception of events, dictate our feelings and our responses to them.

Fear and excitement are "kissing cousins" of one another. When we realize that we can choose between fear and excitement, we have the power to decide which to feel in any given moment.

The awareness that there is a choice to be made comes first.

Collectively we have all begun a new year, 2009. On January 26, we entered the Chinese Year of the Ox, a year representing prosperity gained through fortitude and hard work; how appropriate. In addition, we have a new president who has emphasized the need for accountability and responsibility.

A new time is truly upon us. Who knows what promises and secrets lie ahead? We all have access to our greatness within. Let us choose to open ourselves up to all that is left to be discovered.

Our strengths await our presence. It is up to each one of us to stand tall and true ... our lives hinge on our decision to do so.

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