Me, Me, Pick Me!


Who among us does not want to be recognized or picked? I’m not referring to your exterior self, but about being seen as the wonderful, loving, core person that you know you are within.

At one time or another, we have all had trouble remembering to see ourselves this way. Sometimes, when the outside world gets demanding, we forget who the real person is within us. Is that why the painting speaks to you?

Do you remember when you were a child? You used to raise your hand in grade school because you wanted to be picked. There was always someone in class who had all the answers. Their arm was held so high they were practically levitating out of their desk. Their hand was waving back and forth as “ooh, ooh” eeked out of their scrunched-up face. They KNEW the answer. They wanted to be SEEN, to be picked, and so did you.

“Me, Me, Pick Me!” Now it is YOUR turn to be called upon.

Do you remember those times you found yourself sliding down in the chair trying to become invisible instead of sitting up tall to be seen? Do you ever feel the need, even today, to be picked, to be the chosen one? I suspect that most of us do.

Now is the time to remember who you are. Now is the time to be visible not invisible, and not only to yourself but to the rest of the world, too. The world wants to meet you, to know your thoughts, to hear your words. We want to feel your heartfelt voice. Come on, raise your hand. Let us pick you. Step up, it is your turn.

Raise your hand, not just metaphorically! Show yourself and the rest of the world that you are here, that you have the answer, that you are relevant, that YOU matter!

If this painting reminds you of your joyful child within, or if you know a teacher, a friend, or a parent who will appreciate that same feeling, this will make an excellent “end-of-the-school-year gift” from you. To order your prints, go to: The Shop Page

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