Taking The Big Leap


 It was a Sunday morning and I'd just taken a shower. I turned on the radio to listen to it while I got ready for the beach. We go to Bellows Beach almost every Sunday; I almost NEVER turn on the radio on Sunday.

This was a Sunday where the slightest change in my routine would have a profound effect on the rest of my life.

Okay, so I’m being a little melodramatic, but I want to make a point. What I heard on the radio that Sunday was, and is, really important. That’s why I’m sharing it with you here today. When I turned on the radio, I heard Dr. Gay Hendricks discussing his latest book, The Big Leap.

More specifically, what Dr. Hendricks was discussing is what he calls “The Upper Limit Problem”.

About two weeks before I heard him speaking on the radio, I was on the beach (hello, I live in Hawai‘i) and was aware that I had been feeling REALLY good lately.

My paintings were turning out to my satisfaction, I was very happy in my relationship, I had had a good month of sales, the weather was beautiful (okay so that’s not unusual here), and I felt on top of the world.

My very next thought was “Oh s—t, I’m in for a period of feeling down again.”

Really, I remember thinking those exact words. Not only that, I remember having had this same kind of situation happen to me more than once before.

My friends, this is the kind of Upper Limit Problem Dr. Hendricks has addressed in his new book, The Big Leap. The REALLY good news is Dr. Hendricks has included solid advice on what to do once you recognize your upper limit so you too can expand beyond your comfort zone and enter your zone of genius.

Buy it! Now! Then read it — at least once! I’m on my second reading now.

Essentially Dr. Hendricks postulates that we all have varying set points of comfort, our very own comfort zones. These zones are often unconscious and were set early in our lives. As long as we operate within our zones of comfort, we feel good. When we stretch our limits, we start to feel bad and sabotage ourselves back into our zone of comfort.

This is precisely what I did for myself that day on the beach when I realized how happy I was. I had over-reached my zone of happiness. Something inside myself said, “Oh no you don’t. You are NOT allowed to feel this good for this long. Something bad will happen to you, OR it will happen to someone you love.”

I have NO idea when that “demon” took up residence in my brain, but thanks to Dr. Hendricks and The Big Leap, I am happy to report that she is on her way out!

This book is a fast, easy read, and YOU are worth it! Go. Now. Either check it out of the library or buy it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

All happy now,