Family and Friends

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Federspiel Family and Friends.jpg

Family and Friends

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The Green Sea Turtles (honu in the Hawaiian language) are a protected species. These gentle giants grow to enormous sizes, eating algae and sea grasses. Honu coexist in the ocean with myriad other sea creatures — only a fraction of which are featured here.

Find the Moorish Idols near the top of the painting, followed by the colorful Parrot Fish and the Hawaiian State fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua`a (pronounced Humu-humu-Nuku-nuku-Apua`a). The Humu-humu got its name because it likes its space. It will turn and charge you if you get too close. Reef fish have sharp teeth to help them eat algae off the coral. Further down the painting, are two Mahimahi, and He`e (Hwaiian for octopus). There are a few unidentified fish here too. Everyone wanted to be in the painting!

There’s no doubt that family is important to us — and so are our friends. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. They too can become as close as family. Both are to be cherished.

Original Watercolor: 

  • 11"Hx15"W: $695

Open-edition Paper Giclée prints:

  • 8"Hx10"W (image is 5"Hx6.75"W) = $40

  • 11"Hx14"W mat (image is 7.5"Hx10.5"W) = $55

  • 16"Hx20"W mat (image is 10.5"Hx14.5"W) = $100

Limited-edition, Gallery-wrapped, Canvas Giclée prints:

  • Image size: 16”Hx20”W gallery-wrapped, stretched canvas = $395.00

  • Image size: 16”Hx20”W gallery-wrapped, unstretched canvas, ready-to-assemble (stretcher bars not included) = $275.00

  • Image Size: 18”Hx24”W gallery-wrapped, stretched canvas = $49500

  • Image Size: 18”Hx24”W gallery-wrapped, unstretched canvas, ready-to-assemble (stretcher bars not included) = $325.00

Available in larger sizes, please email for a price quote.

Shipping: All prices include standard shipping within the United States. For international shipping please contact Patrice.

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