Expansion begins on the inside and works its way out.

When we’re nurtured, and when we nurture ourselves, we’re encased in a warm cocoon of love that grows along with us as we grow. This love is soft and gentle, never doubting, never judging, always holding a space for our growth, and expanding along with us. Always ensuring there is a comfort zone around us.

Take time to think about the nurturing you’re receiving from yourself and from others. Maybe it’s time to increase the feeling of being nurtured in your life, or maybe it’s time to give thanks to, and for, your nurturers.


We’re always nurtured by the love of our Source Self. Breathe in the energy of being nurtured.

The desire to be nurtured, supported, and encouraged in our growth is a constant. Acknowledge this for yourself and allow a new nurturing energy to enter your life.