What if ...

What if …

What if everything is unfolding just the way it’s supposed to unfold?

What if you took an hour, or just five minutes, to simply sit instead of rushing around?

What if the birds got it right and we really can sing for joy at first light?

This painting took over a year to complete
because I didn't like what I saw … until it
rested. After taking it out of sequestration,
it looked much better, and I could finish
the painting. We don't always like our works 
in progress.

Okay. What if the night owls got it right and those birds aren’t singing for joy, they’re raging against the sun for waking them up?

What if it doesn’t really matter?

What if everything matters?

What if no one else cares? What if it’s up to us to care, or to not care?

What if we get to decide what life means, what specific incidents mean, and what we want to do (or not do) with the meaning we assign to them?

What if it really is up to us to make these decisions?

Are we ready to assign positive meanings to our actions and their results?

What if just because I didn’t get the results I want immediately, I get them later instead?

What if there is a time delay that I forgot to factor into my “I want it now” equation?

What if that dab of paint I just added to my painting looks all wrong now, but leads to another and another and another dab that ultimately makes this painting my best one yet?

What if we’re taking score too soon?

What if we can’t quite see the whole picture and we need more information?

People are surprised when I tell them that I don’t know what my painting will look like when it’s finished. Heck! If I knew at the beginning of the painting what the result would be, there would be no magic in the painting and no reason to paint!

I don’t want to know with absolute certainty what the painting will look like when it’s finished.

What if all we need to do is trust in the process and in our ability to reach an end, a point of completion?

And what if that point of completion morphs into a new question or better yet, a new beginning point for our next painting?

What if we looked at all of life, and every moment in it, as a point of possibility? What if even the “bad times” really do have silver linings, and if we look for them, they will find us?

"It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in so doing you bring everything to the realm of possibility." ~ Albert Einstein

What if the choice really is that simple, and what if it’s ours to make in every moment?