Wake Up Your Super Hero/Heroine

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself. It’s so easy to make a decision after a cup of coffee in the morning when I’m feeling energized and excited about the day ahead. 

Do I want to start a new painting this afternoon? You bet I do!

The error is in thinking that one decision is going to make magic happen.

That’s not how it works.

If we only had to decide something once for it to be so, we would all be fit as a fiddle, be our “ideal” weight, have our dream career, and live happily ever after.

It’s the continuous action of making the same decision over and over again that makes the difference.

That’s why I can wake up in the morning feeling eager for the day ahead, excited to start a new painting later, and never start one.

Later in the day, after running errands, teaching a class, checking email, and eating lunch, my energy flags, and my early morning decision to start a new painting feels more like a job than a great idea.

That’s when I have to re-make the decision to start a new painting!

I don’t always follow through.

Instead I might decide to do an easier task, one that’s just as necessary, but probably less meaningful.

This is the decision point between doing my “genius work” and the myriad of business or life tasks we all face daily.

(We all have “genius work” — the work that only we can do. My “genius work” is painting, writing, and teaching. What’s yours?) 

It’s harder to make the “right” decision when we’re tired, sad, overwhelmed, depressed, or low for any reason.

This is the time to wake up your inner Super Hero/Heroine.

Really! We all have one. You knew this as a kid. Have you forgotten?

Your inner Super Hero is still inside you, waiting to be called forth. It might sound strange, but it’s actually pretty easy to do.

Take five minutes right now and go stand in either the “Wonder Woman” or “Super Man” pose. 

You know the pose — your feet are planted 2–3 feet apart, your fists are either on your hips or your arms are raised in a “V”. 

Do this pose for five minutes and You Will Feel ENERGIZED!

This quiet activity can be done as often as you like with no adverse side affects. It’s cheaper than a cup of coffee or an energy drink, and far better for you.

If you are at work, or not alone, imagine standing in the pose.

When done with your pose, rethink the decision you were about to make, and “May the force be with you.”

Go do your “genius work”!