Diving Deeper to Find Meaning and Purpose

Image: Diving Deeper

Without fail, my paintings help me to know what to focus on in my life, or what is going on in the world around me. They act as a messenger from my inner self to my conscious self.

I can understand if that sounds a little weird to you. Once upon a time it would have sounded odd to me, too. Experience has proven it to me.

When I first met my husband, I was extremely busy with my art career. At the time I lived alone, worked part time at a frame shop, had just worked the 2-day Haleiwa Arts Festival ALONE, and was preparing for a Showcase event at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

To say I was busy is an understatement.

At that time I was working on a series of palm frond paintings, specifically, “Crossroads, Cross Purposes.”


Image: Cross Roads, Cross Purposes

Keanu was in between jobs at the time and had loads of time on his hands. I had no extra time on mine. While our first date was great fun, I didn’t have time for a second. Yes, we were at a crossroads of sorts.

Fast-forward three months when I started to work on another palm frond painting titled “When We’re Together.”

Image: When We're Together

Shortly after that painting began, Keanu and I had our second date… almost three months to the date after our first date.

The rest of our relationship continues to unfold beautifully.

And my paintings continue to send me messages. Sometimes I understand them immediately, but more often than not, they “speak” a cryptic language, even to me.

For instance, I didn’t know what “Seeding the Stars” is really about until yesterday. And she has been finished for three weeks.

“Diving Deeper” was the next painting to be finished. I understood her meaning even as she began.

She is telling me to dive more deeply into my inner life, my spiritual work, and my paintings. She tells me I have more to offer to you and to the world.

So here goes … I believe we are each responsible for choosing who we become in life. We decide what gives our life a sense of purpose and meaning.

Research shows that people who feel as though their life has purpose are happier, healthier, and that they live longer.

Our purpose evolves with us as we age and change. No matter what our purpose was, is, or will be, it is amplified when we bring our conscious awareness to it.

When we were very young, our purpose was to grow, to learn, and to figure out how and where we fit into the scheme of life. For some this purpose lasts a lifetime.

Some people find purpose in having children and nurturing them through their growing phases. Others find purpose in putting rockets on comets, caring for animals, or tending to the earth.

There are as many good, true reasons for being (purpose) as there are people on earth. It’s up to each of us to decide where, and how we want to use our energy.

I am a natural born “up-lifter.” My purpose is to help others reconnect with the magic and mystery in their own lives. I do this through my paintings, my writings, and by teaching the joys of painting so others can more easily connect with their creative inner self.

It has taken me all of my life to reach my current purpose, and it has taken me another five months to announce it publicly to you.

I’m telling you now to help you understand why some of my paintings might tickle your fancy or why some of my words can help you to feel better.

When something exhilarates us it has our attention. Place your conscious awareness on that which makes you feel good and you will learn more about yourself and your own unique, inner purpose.

If you have longed to paint, for fun or for self-expression, watch my website, blog, and eZines for my 2015 teaching schedule. It will be expanding in scope this next year.

If you feel moved to share this email with others, please use the link to do so. You will be serving as a conduit of connection and perhaps fulfilling one of your life’s purposes.

If none of this resonates with you, please feel free to unsubscribe. You won’t hurt my feelings!

In the meantime, continue to “Dive Deeper” into the depths of your own inner life.

You can assist the lives of others by “Seeding the Stars” (by planting and nurturing the dreams of all those you touch).

Image: Seeding the Stars