Living Telescopically

Telescopic painting is a painting technique I caught myself doing the other day. To paint telescopically means that instead of watching the paint brush, your eye is watching the part of the painting where you wanted your brush to go.

I was painting the horizon line on my Star Struck Mermaid and instead of watching myself paint the line; I was watching the line an inch or so ahead of my brush.

As often happens while painting, I realized that this technique could also come in handy when living life in general.

Painting telescopically is not a natural way to paint though it can be easily learned. I imagine the same can be said for “living telescopically”.

A telescope is a device through which things far away are brought closer to us so we can see them better.

To live telescopically is to live with your desired future outcome in mind. Almost as if it were already true today.

Many people have wishes, dreams, and/or goals in mind for their “future self”. Having a dream or a goal is a great first step.

The next step, the telescoping step, is to live as if your dream or goal has already arrived.

Our goals and dreams become reality not because the future is changing, but because WE are changing. We are growing into the person who lives the dream or goal. Another way of saying this is that we become a “perfect fit” for our goal.

Depending upon your current mindset, this is either a giant leap or simply a slight shift in your perspective.

Regardless, play around with this thought to see how it feels.

What if it were possible to live your life telescopically with your mind’s eye trained on your desired outcome instead of on the way things are right now?

What if it is possible that by changing your perspective you can change your world?

Living Telescopically is not something that you “should” do. It is merely an optional way to look at life, one that my Star Struck Mermaid has been teaching me while I paint.