Breaking Free a.k.a. Tinker Tako


Breaking Free a.k.a. Tinker Tako

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This painting is part of my “Don’t Fence Me In” painting series. “Don’t tell me what to do, I’ve simply got to … Don’t Rain on My Parade”! Many songs have expressed what I want to communicate here.

Go ahead, break out of the mold of what we should be, do, have, or paint. These pieces are for anyone who has felt hemmed in by any one or anything.

Freedom is what our country was built upon. The freedom to hold whatever religious beliefs we want; the freedom to believe whatever we want.

Today our freedoms seem to be shrinking, even as we fight to hold onto them. We want freedom of beliefs, yet we fear others who believe or think differently.

When we were kids, we saw the world in terms of black and white. Today so much seems gray and muddled. It’s up to each of us to break free and bravely live as we see fit — doing no intentional harm to others of course.

Don’t Fence Me In is my current anthem; and this octopus ("he`e" in Hawaiian) is Breaking Free! Yes, those really are Tinker Toys® in his legs. Perhaps the constraints we feel are as flimsy as these toys. It’s up to us to break ourselves free as easily as taking apart these childhood toys.

Original Watercolor:

  • 22”Hx20”W: Available framed 11”x14” solid Koa: $2,600.

Open-edition Paper Giclée prints:

  • 8"Hx10"W mat (image size: 5"Hx6.75W) = $40
  • 11"Hx14"W mat (image size: 7.5”Hx10.5”W) = $55
  • 16"Hx20"W mat (image size: 10.5”Hx14.5”W) = $100

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