Growing Sunshine Pineapple

The pineapple is a type of Bromeliad. The term bromeliad is used to classify a wide variety of succulent plants found in all areas of the world. From Spanish Moss (known here as Pele’s Hair) to the Pineapple, bromeliads come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Once grown in far greater numbers on the islands, the pineapple is a source of both food and beauty.

I’ve enjoyed eating fresh pineapples all my life. It wasn’t until I stopped to take some close-up photos of the pineapples in the fields on the North Shore that I realized each one is covered with tiny stars. My imagination soared with delight and I knew then that I wanted to capture the essence of the starry magic in this wonderful fruit. This painting also celebrates the idea of the Pineapple expressed as sunshine on Earth.

Original Watercolor: 21"Hx15"W; Framed in solid Koa 24"Hx18"W; SOLD

Available as an Open-edition laser print: 8x10=$20; 11x14=$35; 16x20=$60

Limited Edition Giclée prints available: 22x16 = $295