Why do I paint? and Why should you care?

I was recently asked to give a two-minute talk to the Professional Women's Network on O‘ahu, and decided to answer the above two questions as best I could. 

I paint because I have an overwhelming need to feel connected to the world around me, to the people in it, and to the world within me, my inner self.

Some people connect through words, some through music, some by moving through space. I am one of the visual connectors of the world.

I also strive to bring others into connection with themselves through my paintings.

Paintings often tell stories. Some stories are evident right away, others unravel like mysteries, slowly unfolding the longer you look at them. I paint both kinds of stories, and often include a "key" to understanding my ideas along with the painting.

It isn't essential for you to know what I am thinking about when I paint, but you might find it interesting. My thoughts are often necessary to the understanding of the title... but not always.

Okay, so why should you care?

Well, we live in such an incredibly lush, beautiful, and BUSY world that sometimes we are too busy to take the time to enjoy nature. During the busy times, and during the quiet times, having one of my paintings or prints in your home or office can remind you of YOUR connection to something larger in life than your daily grind.

It is always my intention to paint the energy, the life force, of my subject matter so that you will feel it when you look at my paintings.

My hope is that this feeling will help you connect with your inner self; and remind you of all that you are and all you have to offer to the world.