Step into YOUR Next Space of Allowing

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing or saying something you really want to do or say?

We all do so on occasion and sometimes we feel like we’re stopping ourselves All-The-Time.

Stopping ourselves, blocking our intuition, or our desires, is a learned habit.

The blocking started off with good intentions, yet somehow “STOP! Look Both ways before you cross the street!” became shorthand to simply “STOP!”

Habits, especially habits of thought, are often hard to break. It’s easier when we have a replacement habit or thought.

Earlier this year, as I was emerging from grieving my Dad’s death, a thought popped into my head:

“Step into Your Next Space of Allowing”

At the time, it felt monumental in importance, but I didn’t know what to do with it so I began to sketch it out. For something so simple, it took forever for me to “get it right”. It’s been a fun project and I have no idea where it might lead.

It’s grown to become my new go-to thought when I’m faced with a new thing I want to try, a new painting I want to start, anything new I’m afraid to say, etc.

We all fall into habits that we'd rather not fall into — and eventually we get ourselves out of them. Sometimes a reminder helps. That's what this “Step into” phrase has become — a gentle, loving reminder.

Life is about change — in EVERY MOMENT of EVERY DAY

No, we don’t always like the changes we have to make or accept the changes we feel being thrust upon us, by anyone — even by our own body.

Still, accepting and allowing change is a lot easier in the long run than resisting change often is.

This postcard-sized magnet is available now — read on :-)

This postcard-sized magnet is available now — read on :-)

I like the phrase so much that I created a postcard-sized magnet. It’s simple, straight forward, and tickles my fancy.

I ordered extras, so if you want one as a reminder, for yourself or as a gift, please send me a check or money order for $5/magnet and I’ll ship it right out to you! (PO Box 61707, Honolulu, HI 96839-1707)