In the Beginning

It starts with a Feeling.

Amorphous at first, it begins to coalesce into an idea.

From there it branches out into myriad paths intersecting, joining past, present, and future together into a sketch perhaps, maybe a drawing.

Ah, but the drawing looks too “perfect,” too exact. Where are the mushy, gooey feelings that ignited this journey?

That’s where my “Hide-N-Seek” technique comes into play.

Which parts will earn a piece of textured paper?

Where do I place the jute or the lace, the color, or anything else?

What will be hidden and what will become visible as the painting progresses?

Only time & the painting process reveal answers.

Painting is magical and mysterious. It keeps the hope of birthday presents alive in my soul and in my heart. It brings tears of joy to my eyes as I wonder what will be.

Sometimes, when I haven’t begun a new painting in a while, a fear that the magic won’t happen stops me from starting.

Only more starts, more new beginnings, and more new attempts can banish this fear.

Paint On!