Celebrating Wings

My last blog post spoke of Angels and a virgin space for wingspread. It seems "wings" are a current theme for me.

My friend Kim, in Saskatchewan, recently rescued a crow she found in the road. It had been shot and the rehab center shared the X-ray with her. She shared it with me and I’m sharing it with you.

xray view.jpg

As soon as I saw it I was struck by how much it resembled a woman’s body. I saw it as my next painting.


This might sound like a detour, but please read on. My astrological chart is primarily air and water, with just a little bit of fire and earth.

Big deal, so what? I didn’t know the specifics of my chart until I was in my 40s and my life up to then was working just fine.

It still is, except now I wonder if I “need” some earth and fire in my life for balance.


Since finding out my natal chart, I’ve thought of myself as a bit lop-sided or broken, unbalanced. Like I need to be grounded in reality or just plain more grounded.

What if it’s possible that my birth chart is perfect just as it is and all that air and water give me a different perspective on life — at least in my life?

What if it’s possible that I’m fine just the way I am?

What if the work I’m “meant to do” calls for someone with my characteristics?

This painting celebrates wings. Wings of imagination, of creativity, of flights of fancy, and free association. Wings of Freedom itself. 

How about you? Do you feel your wings sprouting?


"Growing Wings" will make her way to my Figurative Portfolio soon.