Who DO you think you ARE?

Do you ever hear this question echoing in your head?

It’s a great question to play with consciously. Play with your inflection as you ask yourself:

WHO do you think you are?

Who do you THINK you are?

Or, Who the H*** do you think you are?


Do you feel the difference?

These questions came to mind after my photo shoot with Jeremy DeWeese at the SurfJack Hotel in Waikiki.

A photo shoot can have many uses and meanings. It can be a folly or an incredible experience. It depends upon the lens through which you and your photographer view the world.

Jeremy sees the world through the lens of love. By doing so, he gives his subject the opportunity to see self through the eyes of love.

The gift of being seen for who we truly are, from the inside out, brings tears to my eyes.


Seeing the world through eyes of love is something we can all learn. It’s a practice to consciously choose.

It’s rare for us to focus our lens of love upon ourselves.

To look through the lens of love is to see deeper than the surface, and to experience the heart of all matter.

We can reduce everything down to love —
even though love is a power
larger than anything imaginable.

Why do we so easily, often without thought, hide our love away from even ourselves?

Do we not know how strong and powerful our love is?

Or do we know how strong and powerful it is and fear its power?

Is our powerful mind at war with our powerful heart?


If so, it’s a waiting game, for the heart always wins. Even if it has to wait until the very end of life, the heart always wins.

The attitude, thoughts, and feelings that we exercise the most, become the strongest.

Make a choice in every moment to exercise the parts of you that you want to grow.

Learn to see the world & yourself through eyes of love.

To see ourselves through eyes of love might be the most important exercise we undertake in life.

Train your eyes to look for love within and, with practice, you will see love grow in our world.

“WHO do you KNOW yourself to BE?”


Be that YOU.