Mother Nature, Mother Nurture

I met her at the beach, Bellows Beach, one of the most beautiful long beaches on Oahu.

She stands stately and tall at the beach’s tree line. She’s been standing there for decades, maybe even a century.

Her limbs are outstretched, soaking in the morning sun and daring the trade winds to try to blow her down. They don’t, they invigorate and strengthen her.

Fearless, she relishes her position on Earth. Her wisdom runs both deep and tall.

She knows who she is and she knows her worth. She trusts the world will provide all that she needs.

Time spent in Mother Nature nurtures our spirit. It reminds us on a deep, often unconscious level, that we are a part of the natural world around us.

We’ve built so much on top of Mother Nature, and often marvel at that part of the world too. But that’s not the part we turn to when we need to feel revitalized.

When we need to “get away and clear our head” we turn to Mother Nature. Like a trusted companion, ever present, yet often ignored, she's always there for us.

Perhaps that’s why we call her Mother.

Mother Nature factors into most of my art. She’s even the inspiration for many of my abstract paintings.

Mother Nature catches my eye. My imagination transforms her energy onto paper. Look closely and you will feel her there.

Art is a natural form of communication. Art speaks to us on conscious and unconscious levels.

We fill our homes with living plants and often share our space with a pet (or several) to keep Mother Nature nearby.

Art is another way to keep Mother Nature close —one that doesn’t need feeding.