Where Do Paintings Come From?

Paintings start with our urge to paint, followed by an inkling, a germ of an idea.

Give it some thought and, if you’re lucky, or in a good frame of mind, your idea grows.

Sometimes paintings begin with something seen on a walk.

Banana Tree - Patrice Federspiel

As your idea grows, your excitement grows.

As your excitement grows, your sense of urgency grows, until finally, one day, you begin to take action.

Action Steps begin with an active imagination.

"Life" in progress - Patrice Federspiel

"Life" in progress - Patrice Federspiel

Action steps begin the process of bringing the painting to life.

Purposely imagine yourself starting that painting you want to start.

LifeWeb in progress - Patrice Federspiel

This builds momentum and gets the ball rolling.

More actions steps come to mind.

LifeWeb in progress - Patrice Federspiel

Take them.

Take enough action steps and before you know it, you are working on that germ of an idea you had hours, days, months, or even years ago.

STOP taking all action and ideas begin to fade.

You will forget a faded idea.


IF the idea really strong, it will haunt you until you overcome your resistance (fear), and start taking action again.

OR it runs out of patience and finds another person to work with.

Yes, this can happen!


It’s always your choice.