Rooted Deeply, Rising Higher

Good habits are golden! It takes 21–28 consecutive days to “deeply root” a habit into our psyche. If you’ve been doing something for 20 days and then you skip a day, you have to start over at day one!

I skipped two days of a new habit I’d hoped to make permanent this week. Darn it! 

I’d gotten into the habit of waking up at five a.m. and doing my deep writing and inner work before going to the gym or starting my day. 

I was so excited about this new habit that I even coaxed myself out of bed one day last week when I really wanted to stay put.

And then yesterday, I just couldn’t do it. 

Keanu and I had both worked so hard over the weekend at the Art Fest at Lanikuhonua in Ko`Olina that I needed the rest.

While it’s true, we did work hard, and I did need the rest, I’m still disappointed that I wasn’t able to push myself out of bed yesterday … or today.

To keep my newly restarted “wake-up-n-at-em” habit, I either have to change my wake-up time to six (which is easier) or start over at day one and wake up at five tomorrow.

I haven’t yet decided which option will win.

Two other thoughts are vying for my attention this morning:
“Do Less and Imagine More” and
“Intention is an Action Word”

Those thoughts are connected, and both are worthy of consideration.

When I fully intend to get myself up at five, it’s easier to do so. It’s also easy to imagine myself getting up at five and having the quiet house all to myself.

The house is still quiet at six and getting up then is easier.

The issue isn’t really when I get up, it’s more about what I do with my time once I’m up.

It’s about Clarity of Purpose and Singularity of Focus! Again! (Yay, I’m still on track!)

Setting an intention for the day, and then imagining yourself living your intention, is a great habit to start, no matter what time of day you arise.

When we set an intention and imagine ourselves acting on our intention, we pave the way for it to happen. We put ourselves on alert to see new paths or doors that open to help us accomplish what we’ve set out to do. 

Deeply Rooted, Rising Higher — Good habits, firmly in place, create a solid foundation and set us up for success!

What’s your intention for this glorious day ahead?