Creating Inner Space

Sometimes life feels too full!

How can that be? Each day holds the same number of hours and the same number of molecules of air. 

Is life too full or am I too empty?

Does that sound like a contradiction? I think not. I think I just hit that nail on the head! My energy is gone.

The cure?
Spend less time doing; spend more time being.
Spend less time thinking; spend more time playing/reading/painting.
Spend less time with others; spend more time alone.

This isn’t the first time I’ve drained my energy reserves, and it probably won’t be the last. Fortunately I believe in giving myself (and others), Second Chances.

Sometimes even two chances aren’t enough to make the changes needed in life.

Rewiring a lifetime of old habits is a big job.

First start with the awareness that more “inner space” is needed. Next add a solid dose of resolve, mixed with encouragement, and a day or two of alone time/me time.

I have ideas, lots of ideas — sometimes even GREAT ideas.

Did you know that time is elastic enough to wrap all-the-way-around our ideas so we can actually MAKE-THEM-HAPPEN?

Down time is essential.

Yet sometimes down time is the hardest thing to “do”. That’s because it’s not so much a “doing thing” as it is a “being thing”.

I have an almost manic “I can do this” mantra running through my head. It’s enough to drive me crazy!
Turning off that “mantra” and creating or finding “down time” is critical.

We all need space in order to create. We need the physical space in which to create AND we need space inside our own head and life, an inner space.

Life feels too full when we have no space left within us. We need space in order to create.