Broadcasting Happiness

Have you ever felt as though “negative” vibes surround you? 

Do you wonder why all the news you hear is “bad”? Why even call it news, why not call it “only bad news,” which is what it seems to be.

It isn’t always easy to stay positive in a world that seems to celebrate the negative. But that’s “the work.”

A “Power of Positivity” article in “Live Happy” magazine, proposes that the reason we hear so much negative information is that people who feel badly also feel a strong need to verbalize. 

Those who feel good don’t feel the need to share their feelings.

In a weird sort of way it makes sense that we don’t share our happy times more readily.

We’re taught not to boast or to “get a big head”; and everyone knows a big ego is a “bad” thing. 

Perhaps we all compare ourselves too readily to everyone else. When we commiserate with someone else’s woes we might feel better about our own lives. 

Conversely, if we share our good fortune with others, does it make them feel worse about their circumstances?

What an awful, yet plausible thought!

If we did verbalize our good feelings and happy happenstance more often, would good feelings spread?

The aphorism, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” suggests this would happen.

When we share our joys with others, they are supposed to feel happy for us, and realize that good fortune can happen to them too.

With this in mind, I’ve come up with new words for sharing good news. These new words can be a happier version of “commiserate.” What do you think, which are your favorites?

Co-Joyable, Co-Joyate, Co-Joyfully
Co-Gladify, Co-Gladly, Co-Gladuate
Co-Happify, Co-Happiness, Co-Happulate
Co-Celebrate (suggested on FB)
Co-Cheerify (suggested on FB)

Let’s stay “Open at the Top” and let other fun new word combinations come to us to help us spread joy.

Rather than back-handedly lifting others up by sharing our misery with them, let’s lift them up by sharing our happy times and happy stories.

When we share our happiness with others, we increase the happiness all around us. 

Now go out there and Co-Happify the world! — Or Co-Cheerify or Co-Celebrate if you prefer ☺