The Beauty of Found Objects

Today is a day of finding incredible beauty. Keanu found a dead monarch butterfly in the garage; I brought it with me to the studio this morning so I can enjoy its form.

On my way to the studio, I found some fallen banana flower petals and knelt down to pick them up. You guessed it; I brought them along to the studio with me.

Once at the studio, Rebecca pointed out a large moth resting on the screen. I took a photo so I can appreciate it longer.

Yesterday Rebecca, Sue Stagner (organizer extraordinaire), and I spent the day cleaning the studio in preparation for Open Studios this weekend. Apparently we made enough room for me to start bringing new found objects back into the space!

Participating in Open Studios is one way of ensuring the studio gets a goodcleaning at least once a year. (Hey! I work here I don't live here.)

Better yet, it's a time for me to share this wonderful space with all of you.

Come see what I've started to paint, what paintings are finished, and which ones are more or less studies. See if you can "connect the dots" that become my paintings.