We Don't Always Know What We Need

I recently participated in a grueling 3-day tradeshow. It was an experience I am not likely to replicate, but there were a few bright spots.

On the third day, Keanu (hubby) surprised me by purchasing a 10-minute Ho’opono Healing Massage for me. I don’t think of myself as a “massage person”. I don’t have many aches/pains, and honestly feel a bit guilty about receiving massage because I don’t like giving them.

I had been standing on concrete for three days and when asked where my pain was I said my feet and maybe my lower back (I really didn’t have much pain, but they asked).

When I lay down on the table, my right foot cramped, so I asked the masseuse to pull on my toes to make it stop. He proceeded to really DIG into the soles of my feet.

OMG it hurt — a lot. He could tell by all the twitching and ouch sounds I was making, but he didn’t stop. He spent eight of the ten minutes on my feet before doing a tiny bit of massage on my back.

When I sat up I was dizzy. He explained that he had released some energy blockages and that I should drink plenty of water the rest of the day.

An hour later I met with one of my new students, Emma Kupu Mitchell. Emma is a Sound Energy Healer who works with crystal bowls and was sharing a booth at the show. She gave me a sample of her work (pure bliss).

The tradeshow wasn’t a great sales venue for me, but I believe I was there for other reasons. I met some wonderful people, both vendors and attendees.

I also realized that with all of the energetic work that goes into my paintings and teaching, it is important that I balance it with some energetic and healing work for myself.

Life is a balancing act. We are all busy juggling our day-to-day life chores on one side of the “teeter-totter”, with the fun things that make our life worth living on the other.

Before I quit my corporate job to become a full-time painter and teacher, I got up early to create art before going to work.

Now that I am a full-time painter/teacher, I seek ways to carve out time to write and illustrate a children’s book.

This is a good thing! Continuing to stretch and grow gives meaning to our lives. It gives us a reason to bring more life force energy into the world. It inspires us to maintain a sense of balance in our lives.

How about you? Does your life feel balanced? Are you feeling mired in your job or life, or are you actively seeking ways to enrich your life?

Teaching Watercolor is one of my “callings”. I think of painting is a metaphor for living life more fully.

Take one of my classes and you will know what I mean.