The Mermaid's Lament


You might wonder what a mermaid could possibly lament, but if, like many women, you enjoy a new pair of shoes, this painting is self-explanatory.

The Mermaid's Lament celebrates whimsy, light-hearted fun, and perhaps a moment of sadness or regret ... one we can live with.

While we all have something in life we could "grouse about", why would we? Complaining rarely changes our situation for the better, and often makes us feel worse.

Instead, let's decide to look for the best life has to offer, no matter what our circumstances seem to be. 

Appearances can be deceiving. Artist and illustrator Rene Magritte once said, "Everything we see hides another thing."

What would this mermaid be without her tail but another woman with red high heels?

We don't really need another one of those, do we?

Let's all celebrate our own circumstances, no matter what they may be.