Uncluttering My Studio by Patrice Federspiel


The Unclutter Your Life class that I took with Marilyn Nagelhas been over for about two weeks. I miss it. I miss the structured support of having someone remind me to toss something out, give something away, and donate something to an organization every week.

Actually I'm still doing that part; that's the easy part. The hard part for me is controlling all of the paper in my life!

I've learned quite a lot and highly recommend Marilyn's class to you. We worked with my friend Marcia Zina Mager'sbook, 31 Words to Create an Organized Life (which I also recommend). Turns out Clutter has SO much more to do with our inner self than it does our outer circumstances (I suspect you already knew that).

The speed with which I can organize myself, my studio, and my life is a direct reflection of my ability to make decisions. Yikes! I must get better at that too!

My studio and my business are both so full right now, that it's been hard to keep up with all the habits and tips and tricks I learned in class — but I am not giving up. I am taking a stand! I refuse to clear off my tables only to turn around and continue to pile the papers back on top! (No, I haven't yet completely cleared them in the first place, but I KNOW I WILL!)

The Cul De Sac cartoons byRichard Thompsonthat I have posted really tickle me, as his work often does. I hope you enjoy them too.