Weaving a Journey

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Federspiel Weaving a Journey.jpg

Weaving a Journey

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Hala has a long, strong connection to Hawai`i. You’ve seen the fronds woven together to make hats, mats, and toys. It’s believed that woven Hala was used to make the sails for the ships that first brought people to the islands.

The tension had to be tight for the sails to be strong enough to last the journey; rows of women were lined up to weave the great widths and lengths needed. When one woman would tire, another would slip in to take her place. In this way, an even, strong sail was ensured. It takes strong hands and arms, as well as focus and intention to do such weaving.

This painting tells the story of the weaving of the sails and the voyaging people who first came the Hawaiian Islands.

We each weave our life story with the people, places, and things that are

important in our lives. May this image remind you of your time in the islands and of the daily weaving you are doing in your own life.

Original Watercolor: 

  • 30"Hx17"W: $2,550 unframed

Open-edition Paper Giclée prints:

  • 8"Wx10"H mat (image size: 5"Wx6.75"H) = $40

  • 11”Wx14”H mat (image size: 7.5”Wx10.5”H) = $55

  • 16”Wx20”H mat (image size: 10.5”Wx14.5”H) =$95

Limited-edition, Gallery-wrapped, Canvas Giclée prints:

  • Image size: 30”Hx18”W gallery-wrapped, stretched canvas = $550.00

  • Image size: 30”Hx18”W gallery-wrapped, unstretched canvas, ready-to-assemble (stretcher bars not included) = $425.00

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