Heart & Souls Tiare


Heart & Souls Tiare

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The flowers portrayed here are the gardenia known as Tiare. Native to the tropics, they are often worn in the hair of hula dancers. When they are worn behind the right ear, the wearer is single, when worn behindfs the left, they are married or “taken."

When this painting was finished, I asked my readers to help me choose a title. 20 people responsed and included the stories behind their chosen title. They all touched me deeply. Albert Wood sent the following poem:

The Inner Soul © Albert Wood

When I first looked at the flowers, I saw them as withering souls, with wrinkles and cracks upon their surfaces. Their tips bent and drooping, as if dying from a hard life.

They seemed almost human in their appearance, as old age sets in. Wrinkles set in and the body is allowed sag and droop. Their beauty is allowed to slip away and fade and lose their glamour.

As you look deep into the flower and the
person, you can see the golden light in the
middle of their soul. Shining brightly outward and upward, you can see the essence of their being. Then you can
see their true beauty from within.

Original Watercolor:

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