Seeding the Stars

Federspiel Seeding the Stars Web.jpg
Federspiel Seeding the Stars Web.jpg

Seeding the Stars

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This iconic figure sprang forth one day, asking to be painted. She is rarely seen because she is so well camouflaged in the night sky. Her hair is a billowing white cloud, while her gown is more like the darkest clouds of the blackest night sky.

Each night she seeds the stars, ensuring we have their twinkling presence (even when they are hidden by clouds, the stars inhabit the night sky because of her).

More than that, the stars represent our dreams, both those we have at night while sleeping, and those we experience as reveries throughout our days. Make room in your life for this seeder of the stars, this bringer of our dreams. Allow her space in your heart and in your head so that she can help you make your dreams come true.

Open-edition Paper Giclée prints:

  • 8"Wx10"H mat (image is 5"Wx6.75"H) = $40
  • 11"Wx14"H mat (image is 7.5"Wx10.5"H) = $55
  • 16"Wx20"H mat (image is 10.5"Wx14.5"H) = $100

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